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LC! have never made anything close to a bad record, but their two most recent LPs, Romance is Boring and Hello Sadness , occasionally struggled under the weight they assumed as a means of “maturing”—namely, Gareth’s increasingly dour lyrics and John Goodmanson’s carb-loaded production. There isn’t any sort of ascertainable attitude adjustment or sonic restructuring to No Blues (Goodmanson and guitarist Tom Campesinos! co-produced), instead LC!’s inspiration sounds self-imposed, no different than looking at the mirror and realizing they’d gotten a little bloated and puffy.

The group came together at Cardiff University in 2006, originally consisting of Neil Turner on guitar, Ellen Waddell on bass guitar, and Ollie Briggs on drums. [4] In March 2006, Tom Bromley joined the band, assuming the role of lead guitarist, later followed by Gareth David Paisey – who became the band's principal lyricist – on lead vocals and glockenspiel, Harriet Coleman on violin and keyboard, and finally Aleksandra Berditchevskaia on vocals, keyboards and melodica. [4] [5] According to Tom, he met Neil after overhearing him discussing Sufjan Stevens at a club. The band’s earliest compositions were long pieces in the style of post-rock , though no recordings from this era are known to circulate publicly. The word campesino in Spanish translates to "peasant" or "country person". All members of the band refer to their surnames as Campesinos!.

Los Campesinos! - There Are Listed BuildingsLos Campesinos! - There Are Listed BuildingsLos Campesinos! - There Are Listed BuildingsLos Campesinos! - There Are Listed Buildings